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Technology can assist and improve the business of a company. Though how the technology is applied is very crucial. We work closely with our clients to make their needs become a reality.

Smart-bis develops software, advises and supports client who wish to improve their business. We believe that working with any kind of technology there should not be any unpleasant feeling. It is therefore important that our clients have a visual representation of what they want and need. Each company is unique and does business in its own way. We invest time in understanding how our clients work, and from this we provide them with the best solution for them.

An App

Create an application that will allow you to reach your clients on each platform and connect it to your own existing system so that you continune using your own system. Thus preventing from you doing twice as much.

Smart-bis link

With the Smart-bis link you can continue using your current system, but you will have access to new tools to support your business. These tools could be an app, Facebook app, website plugin etc.

System design

Every system contains a significant amount of unique information. To make sure that your system processes information in a  quick and efficient way, a well set up system required. 

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